Aull & Monroe manages an array of accounts, including those for individuals, corporations, foundations, personal trusts, pension, and profit sharing plans, and bank trust departments. We require accounts to contain a minimum of $100,000.

Exceptions are made when future contributions and additions are contemplated and on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of management.

Required Security (Fence)

To maximize the security of assets under our management Aull & Monroe requires that our clients use an outside qualified custodian, either a bank trust department or a brokerage house, to custody their assets. The custodian takes possession of all securities, collects dividends and interest, provides the client with a monthly and a year-end statement on the amount and type of assets held in the account and, in the case of a brokerage house, provides the client with confirmation of trades made on behalf of the client. Aull & Monroe reconciles its accounts on a monthly basis to verify the accuracy of the custodial statement and sends a quarterly report to its clients detailing their performance. Performance figures are reported net of fees and commissions. The report also reflects performance for the year, for the year to date, and since the inception of the account compared to an appropriate index such as the Balanced Index or the S&P 500 Index. It is our intent to communicate directly with each client on a regular basis, but not less than annually, to review portfolio performance and determine any changes in the client's financial needs or investment objectives. Additionally, our clients are invited to call at any time for answers to questions about their portfolios or financial dealings.